Sunday, 11 September 2016


What is ZarFund?

Zarfund is basically a voluntary donation platform. this means that the members voluntarily donate money in exchange for more donations to come to them. this is all done voluntary and there is no admin getting involved in handling any money. Payments are made members to member, thus it is a person-to-person direct donation platform. The platform is made available worldwide and free of charge. There are no Admin fees.

Who is the founder of Zarfund?

The founder of ZarFund is Hannes Jordaan. He is from South Africa and has started his company for the sole purpose of helping people like you and me to succeed in making money online. From what i can see so far, it is working ver well.
Read more about Hannes Jordaan here.

How does ZarFund work?

ZarFund is a 2 by 2 forced matrix. The people that join this company are people who are looking to succeed in making money online. The fact that the admin do not handle any of the funds that are transferred makes it very safe and scam proof way to make money.

Who can join ZarFund?

ZarFund is open to every one in the world. The only thing you need is a blockchain wallet and a willingness to make and receive donations from other members. They recommend that blockchain be the only bitcoin wallet to be used because of the ease of transfers and this does not require any kind of processor like paypal or skrill.

How to join Zarfund.
Joining ZarFund is easy and free. Click ZarFund to visit the site or visit to register.

What happens after i join ZarFund?
After you join for free, you will be given 24 hours to upgrade your account. what that means is you will need to send 0.03 bitcoin to your upline sponsor. This equals about $17.00. Then from there you are ready to promote your own link which you will receive after your donation has been approved. All donations are given freely and are handles by the 2 people involved only.

What are the Pros of ZardFund?

  1. No admin fees and admin handling any money
  2. Only one currency accepted
  3. No chance of being scammed out of money
  4. Easy and low cost start up.For more information, contact

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