Friday, 16 September 2016

TRENDING... Earn 164BTC monthly with Zarfund.

Imagine you making over $77888 monthly from the comfort of your home and with less stress. All you  need is a little start up capital, a browsing phone or computer with Internet access and a Blockchain wallet where your earnings will be sent. I will show you how to earn $77888 dollars monthly but first let me explain how it works.

Some of your will think this is a scam because you believe any new thing that is introduced is bad and risky. Yes it is.... Life is risky and only those who are willing to take risks, make it in life. I plead with you to at least read this post to the end because I don't think there are risks in reading.

The first thing you need to do is to open a Blockchain wallet and deposit 0.031 bitcoin. I believe this is not the first time you are hearing about bitcoin. If it is, I will explain what bitcoin is in simple terms... It is an online currency which you can use in transacting business online. So get 0.031BTC in your Blockchain wallet. There are other bitcoin wallets but Blockchain is recommended because of its high security.  it is also user friendly and fast.

Now I am going to tell you where you can make the money and how it works. All you need to do is register with zarfund and refer two people only. I will explain what zarfund is. Zarfund is a member to member donation platform.....

How can you make money in zarfund?
Well it's simple,  register under under someone who network is growing fast and who is earning daily. I have compiled a list of fastest growing zarfund network you can register under.

After registration, upgrade your zarfund account to stage one by donate 0.03btc. You will be given the wallet ID you will transfer the money to. Go to your Blockchain account and transfer the money to the person and it will be verified. Once you are in stage one,  you will be required to register two persons under you. Once they are registered, they will be required to upgrade stage 1 as well . To upgrade they will pay 0.03btc each to you.
The two persons you  referred will also register two persons each under them. The two persons you referred will be your level 1 referrals while the two persons under them will be your level 2 referrals and the once under them will be your level 3 referrals. This will continue until you get to level six where you will have 64 referrals.

To upgrade to stage one,  you will be required to pay 0.03btc as explained above
To upgrade to stage two,  you will be required to pay 0.05btc
To upgrade to stage three,   you will be required to pay 0.1btc

Note!!! All the payments are made from the profit you have already acquired. 

This is how you will get paid
When your level 1 referrals upgrade to stage 1, they will pay you 0.03btc each
When your level 2 referrals upgrade to stage 2, they will pay you 0.05btc each
When your level 3 referrals upgrade to stage 3, they will pay you 0.10btc each
When your level 6 referrals upgrade to stage 6, they will pay you 2btc each 

At the end of stage 6, you get 164BTC....
The joy in this is that the process continues and the same referrals pay you the same amount monthly.

1. Get a Bitcoin wallet with Blockchain
2. Fund the wallet with at least 0.031btc
3. Register with a fast network
4. Donate.
5. Promote (get 2 referrals, help them get 2 etc etc)
6. Upgrade as soon as you have enough in donations.
7. Promote some more.
8. Repeat steps 5 through 8.

To register visit ZARFUND today and start earning

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